Reliable and scalable track and trace platform for the supply chain.

Retail Sector

OpsSmart helps its retail customer to protect their brand, manage inventors and assure the products they sell are safe & high quality.

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Food Sector

OpsSmart is used to trace all types of food products such as pork, chicken, seafood, produce and finished products (sausage, fried chicken, dumplings ...

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Government Sector

Government agencies use OpsSmart to monitor compliance with regulations & improve safety of the supply chain.

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Halal Sector

OpsSmart customers track and trace Halal certified products in the EU, Asia and Middle East.

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How It Works

OpsSmart adds tremendous value to any organization in the Food and/or pharmaceutical Industry.
  • OpsSmart enables trace across the full supply chain and facilitates data dissemination for all trade partners based on their mutual data sharing agreements
  • OpsSmart works seamlessly with disparate data structure without requiring conformance of trade partners to a standardized data paradigm — enables different industry partners to share and participate in the trace functionality
  • OpsSmart ensures complete data security to ever member of the supply chain during trace
  • The versatility of the product allows customers of all sizes and with different levels of process complexity to use the product, and participate in trace and data exchange
  • OpsSmart implementation does not burden the customer's existing operations or workflow during deployment and upon integration
  • OpsSmart fits the business and not the other way around - customers DO NOT have to change their business workflow to achieve successful implementation
  • OpsSmart seamlessly integrates with legacy applications, existing software and ERP environments through available efficient EDE interface
  • OpsSmart enables all trade partners and supply chain stakeholders to safely and securely interact with the supply chain data while assuring safeguard and ownership of their own data segments within the supply chain data stream. Furthermore, each data owner maintains complete control of when and to whom their data becomes shareable
  • OpsSmart empowers the customer to selectively deploy and schedule PUSH or PULL data communication modes whenever and wherever desired thus facilitating capture and storage of data from remote or inaccessible locations without the need for live or sustained connection to the central repositories


Summary of OpsSmart key services offerings.

Track and Trace Solutions


The Trace is formed by extracting, transforming and combining the related data from the central repositories to relate process relationships, activity flow and process outcomes by employing the user-defined process and activity parameters for a specific supply chain level.

  • The defined Trace can be initiated from any stage of the process and within any level of the supply chain
  • The Trace can be developed in forward, backward or in both directions
  • While navigating the Trace, selection criteria can be modified by selecting a specific instance to extend, branch-out or develop a parallel trace
  • Trace can be defined to connect to an external OpsSmart database, from any stage of the customer trace.
  • Messages can be broadcast to external Businesses, who could either be OpsSmart users or have access to standard SMTP mail. These messages can be tracked for responses; and those responses can be received and viewed by different users.